Thursday, March 5, 2015

Redemptive Arts: A Call to Unity

Late nights in the dance studio are a catalyst for morning reflection - time to savor God's presence and what He is doing through the redemptive arts in this city. Those who write, sing, dance, paint, sculpt or create or innovate in any other way in Him - God is building His artists into an integral, united part of His overall body.

We are not isolated from Him, and nor should we be isolated from one another. Our gifts were meant to bring His life, beauty and hope into dark places. We are not a decoration for the church, we are an essential expression of Life. Life does not stagnate. Effort becomes collaboration under the umbrella of His embrace. Unity. 

The Morning Notes

Chai tea notes
and snowflakes dance,
atop a mid-February morning,

Light rests
on morning’s branches,
an invitation to explore.

Like the heavy current of pounding heartbeats,
muscle contractions 
rush to

Bring creative (life) force,
Piercing light,
Fierce fighters, wrapped in (Be)auty,


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