Saturday, November 15, 2014

Something Old, Deepened

Sometimes things that are dusty need to be picked back up. Sometimes they need a second, longer, deeper look - not a quick glance. This is the season that God has me in right now. It's a season of rich deepening, of remembering who He is to me in light of a fresh perspective on who I am in Him.

In recent years, I've somewhat abandoned writing for non-work related purposes, but now my gaze is falling back on that love, and I love what I see! So I'm picking this blog back up, not to be great, but as a simple outlet for the words that swirl in my head. How fitting then, is it that God led me to this poem I wrote before I gave him my life. His gentle leading has me here, looking deeper into something He's shown me before, but now must deepen. Sometimes we dance around in circles, only to come back to what was there all along. 

Divulge, engorge, or give free reign to the opposite of what years of society has tried to get you to shun.
It wanted you to close your eyes and write it all off as a tempestuous slippery slope.
Are you so afraid to slide? Will falling bruise more than your ego? If you are that fraught with fear, what are your real cares?
The ones that you cling to, whether or not they only surface at dawn or dusk, the grainy bits of light disposing your real face.
You say that Spirit is like a tree, quiet and growing, but I scream,
"What the hell are you afraid of?"
Spirit and Risk are brothers.
Seven days in a week, many more in your lifetime, each is part of a map, and each is also sovereign.
A Tree gives breath to the world. 

Photo: Creative Commons, flickr, jerome: Hornbeam Leaves